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Waiting Room: As you walk into our office you come to an inviting waiting area where the receptionist desk is also located.

Conference Room: The conference room is not accessible to patients. This room is equipped with high speed internet, fax, printer and all necessary tools to conduct work. This room is made available to Monitors when they visit our site. Our staff uses this room for training and meeting purposes. The conference room is not accessible to patients.

Medicine Storage: This is a secured, double lock and temperature controlled closet, where all the medications are stored.

Exam Room: The exam room is equipped with patient table, ECG, scales, blood pressure machine, internal restroom and all other necessary tools to perform a physical exam.

Lab Area: This area is used to perform all the laboratory procedures and biological sample packing. In this area we have a freezer, refrigerator, centrifuge, dry ice storage etc.

Session Rooms: We have three session rooms used by our clinical researchers to perform appropriate questioners with patients and allow patients to fill out questioners in privacy.

Pharmacy Access: We have access to an off-site pharmacy located a short walking distance from our office.


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